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Skalnatá dolinaNiederung Skalnatá dolinaDolina Łomnicka (Skalnatá dolina)

Skalnatá Valley

Skalnatá Valley ranks among the most visited dells. Mainly thanks to its good connection with Tatranska Lomnice by a cableway. The dell is situated close Tatranska Lomnice right under Kezmarsky and Lomnicky mountains. The Tatranska artery, built between 1931 and 1932, crosses Skalnatá Valley. Among all it is well-known for its world competition in skiing. It has been a tradition since 1938. Thus it is a famous skiing centre with a cableway to Lomnicke sedlo (saddle).

  Accommodation Stará Lesná
4 km
  Accommodation Starý Smokovec
5 km
  Accommodation Nová Lesná
6 km